Tales From the Crib: Week 23

28 Feb

Oh, another busy week with nothing new to report.  The highlight of the week was going to Cinci for the day to see Grandma while Daddy worked.  Mommy headed to the mall for a new pair of pants (and a Cinnabon, I later learned—I can’t believe she didn’t share!) and I stayed with Grandma.  Then Mommy and me went to Target, Michael’s, and TJ Maxx to get everything for my Baptism lunch.  Yep, that’s right, I got a whole party AND a little bit of Holy Spook.  Mommy’s going to do a whole post about my Baptism for those who couldn’t join us.

That was pretty much it for the week—lots of cleaning, lots of grumpy Daddy (apparently he’s stressed and needs a vacation), and lots of me crying while Mommy went to work (maybe I need a vacation, too?).  Still eating some food.  Still pooping.  Still only sleeping a couple hours at a time with Mommy, and still bouncing in my Jumperoo.  Life is good.

Oh, oh. And Valentine’s Day is officially my favorite day—it just keeps on giving!  I got another Valentine in the mail this week from Aunt Mary.  Apparently Mommy and Daddy forgot to check the mailbox at the apartment for awhile.  Thank, Aunt Mary!

More cute pictures of me:

(I’ve taken a keen interest in computers this week.  Mommy left her laptop on the floor, and I had all sorts of fun!  I turned off the wireless and mapped a new network drive called jkjkalsdkjajnekskdglaldhjkjkjk.)

(Daddy left the mouse for the media center on the floor, so I decided to try my hand at some programming of sorts.)

(Mommy took me to the toy store and let me get a few new toys.)

(Oh, silly Mommy.  She’s still trying with this stupid cup.  And now she’s got these crazy “Baby Mum Mum’s” that taste like crapt cardboard.)

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