Tales From the Crib: Week…Um?

16 Feb

Okaaaay…so Mommy had a talk with me about procrastination and perfectionism.  This is what I learned: Sometimes it’s okay to get behind on projects cause life and family and friends are more important than projects.  As long as I’m doing my best and putting those things first, other projects can take a back seat and I can catch up on them later.  And later, they don’t have to be perfect; just the best that I can do under the circumstances.  I think she learned this from experience.  Sooo…Weeks 20-21—all in one—that’s the best I can do under the circumstances.  And I had outstanding circumstances, too.  We transferred internet service to the new house and had to go without for a few days.  Then we had a bout of good weather, so we moved earlier than expected.  Which means there were boxes everywhere for a few days.  Then Daddy had to go out of town for work, and me and Mommy went, too.  And getting up early to get on the road messed my little world up, and now I’ve been getting up at 7am.  Mommy had to do some adjusting.

We had lots of awesome people to help us move.  Brad, Scott, Shannon, Dr. Yen (I don’t know his name), and Daddy moved all the big stuff.  Then Grandma and Grandpa came up the next day to help move some of the medium/small stuff.  Actually, Grandma stayed and played with me and read me stories while Mommy helped move!  By Sunday, Mommy actually had just about everything put away—there’s so much storage in this house!

Then, because our house was messy (messiest) anyway, we hosted the SuperBowl party.  It was me, Mommy, & Daddy, Scott and Shannon, Brad and Mandy, and Brad’s mom, brother, and his girlfriend.  That’s 10 of us!  That’s a lot more than could fit in the apartment!  Everyone brought a dish and we pigged out.  We also played Bingo, Betting  and Trivia.  Mommy forgot prizes, but I guess bragging rights were enough.

Hmm…so what else has happened in the last few weeks?  Oh, when we went out of town, I got to go to Ikea with Mommy.  I slept almost the whole time, until another baby started crying.  I woke up to try to help, but Mommy had me strapped in and I couldn’t break free. Fellow Babies Unite!  We got all kinds of goodies, but my favorite is Baby Olly.

Mommy also got a Target run in, and she bought a new dress.  I guess she can’t wait until Spring.  I stayed with Grandma and helped her cook dinner.

We got curtains and barstools for the kitchen, and I must say, the house looks great!  Now only if Daddy would get all the boxes out of the garage so Mommy could park her car in there (hint hint).

Well, that’s all I can remember now.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

(It was so nice on February 1–almost 60 degrees!  Mommy took me for a walk outside in my stroller.)

(I love Matty-Daddy time.  We like to watch Top Gear.  This was before we moved the furniture in…obviously.)

(Don’t worry–no babies were harmed in the making of this video.)

(Num, Num, Num.  Toes!

(Sooo, apparently I’m supposed to drink from this thing.  Mommy has to be able to go to work more, and I’m still hungry every 2 hours.  Sorry, Mom.  Not going to happen.)

(And, I guess this is Option 2.  A little more fun, but still not happening.)

(And, Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Option 3.  I’m ABLE to drink from this, but still don’t like to.)

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