Tales From the Crib: Week 19

16 Feb

Wow.  The world is so big and fun.  I. Must. Touch. Everything!  Sometimes I can’t even finish my milk cause something catches my attention and I have to go play with it.  I can get stuff to my mouth pretty well and I’m rolling over with ease.  I stole Mommy’s banana and ate about ¼ of it before I threw it up.  Yucky.  We went out to dinner Friday night and I stole a potato wedge off the plate before the waitress even had it on the table—I kinda gagged on it, but it was yummy.

The house is progressing nicely.  Uncle Scott, Uncle Brad, and Daddy finished all the floors, and boy do they look professional.  A bearded beast named Brian came over to help get rid of all the old appliances cause Mommy and Daddy bought new ones.  They picked out a scratch and dent fridge at Lowes…and forgot to measure the height…so 9am on Sunday morning had Daddy looking like this…

Honestly, I don’t even remember what else happened this week.  Oh, Grandpa Dan came up to help Daddy with some electrical outlets.  Ok, that is all I remember.  I’m moving on to next week’s post now.  Toodles.

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