Tales From the Crib: Week 18

27 Jan

Another busy house week!  Thank goodness for friends and family (who will work for free pizza!).  This week was all about flooring and electrical.  Pawpaw Scott and Uncle Brian came up on Saturday and ran 2 new electrical outlets in the kitchen and 1 new outlet in the Living Room.  Now we can run the microwave, toaster oven, and TV at the same time.  We ordered new flooring for the Master Bedroom, Office, Kitchen, and Family Room; it wasn’t supposed to be delivered until Tuesday of the next week, but it showed up a week early, with one caveat (do you like my new word?! Mommy taught it to me…)—we had to pick it up ourselves.  Daddy rented a U-Haul (which he drives like a maniac) and picked it up at the warehouse…at night…in the snow…and he had to drive up a big ramp…and the U-Haul was not rated to carry a pallet with 2,000 lbs. on it…whoops.  After letting it sit for a few days to acclimate, they were able to breeze right through.  They’re already halfway done with all the rooms!

Mommy focused on the flooring in my room—I have to keep the nasty carpet but Mommy got me a new rug.  I really like it, especially since I get to play with my new Christmas toys—FINALLY!


Did you know someone is trying to shut down the internet?  Even my little brain knows censoring is bad.  Stop SOPA/PIPA now, clowns.

It’s been pretty cold up here.  Thankfully, Mommy bought me a really cool hat…please not the sarcasm.

Well, off to drink beer milk and eat pizza milk with the guys.

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