Tales From the Crib: Week 17

27 Jan

Sorry for the delayed update…I’ve been SO busy (and therefore sleepy!).  WE  CLOSED ON THE HOUSE! Finally.  I love it so much.  There’s a big window with lots of light, a big mirror in the hallway that’s the perfect size for me to look into, and lots of people!

Lots of friends and family have come over to help us get the house ready to move into.  Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Dan came up.  They took down all the wallpaper (well, Mommy ripped most of the blue bathroom wallpaper down within an hour of closing), painted, helped Daddy rip the carpet up, take the tack strip up and probably more that I don’t know about because Mommy made me take a nap.

Scott and Shannon came over, too.  Shannon helped with the wallpaper and painting, and Scott did EVERYTHING.  He’s like Superman.  Of course, me and Mommy and Daddy did some stuff, too; specifically, I was the cute entertainment that kept everyone motivated.  I like the people being around so much that I got really fussy when everyone left.  Mommy and Daddy took me out to dinner so I could flirt with the waitress see more people out.  That cheered me right up!

Mommy says she’s going to write a post soon that gives updates with all the work we’ve done.

In other news, I’m still growing like a weed!  I’m in my 12-18 month clothes, though most of my 9 month sizes fit, too.  Mommy is surprised I’m still growing so fast since I’m starting to space feedings a little further apart—about 2-2.5 hours instead of 1.5-2.  Mommy was mean and tested me though—she went to work for 3 hours while I was with Daddy.  Let’s just say by the time she got home I was thrashing and screaming on the couch (Daddy was, too!).  She promised she won’t do it again.

I’m still really vocal, like to blow raspberries, drool and spit up all over everything (I already christened like every room of the new house), and reach for my toes.  I also still really like bath time and I’ve learned how to suck the water out of the washcloth (Mommy tries to stop me but I’m stealthy like a ninja).  Bath time at the new house is reeeally fun—our bathtub is pink!  And really deep.

The plumbing was broken, but fear not! My Daddy is so handy and he fixed it right up.

Speaking of handy…I have to get back to work and check on Daddy now—I just heard a few of those words I’m not supposed to know coming from Daddy’s mouth.

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