Tales From the Crib: Week 16

9 Jan

I learned a new word this week—bittersweet.  Yep.  This week has been bittersweet. Bitter because Mommy went back to work.  Sweet cause Daddy stayed home with me while Mommy went in to the office!

On Tuesday, Mommy worked in the office from 9:00-11:00, then came home to feed me and make sure I was okay, then went back until 1:00.  She did the same on Wednesday, and on Friday she just went in for a meeting from 11:30-1:00.  It wasn’t so bad, but don’t tell her I said that…I think  Mommy was pretty sad though; I’m pretty sure she cried on Tuesday, but I pretended to be asleep when she left so it wasn’t so hard for her.

While Mommy went to work, me and Daddy went to breakfast and to Lowes, you know, man stuff.  We went to Panera and was accosted by cute single ladies fawning all over Daddy and me.  I told them I already had a Mommy thank-you-very-much.  But I did coo and ham it up a little, just for kicks. I liked spending the morning with Daddy and he liked spending the time with me all by ourselves.

I did punish Mommy for leaving though.  On Tuesday, I spit up ALL over her when she got home.  She’s apparently only  got one pair of pants that fit right now, and those are dry-clean only.  Whoops.  On Wednesday, I peed on Mommy. It was so funny!  I hit her square in the chest from 2 ft. away.  That’s talent.

Mommy had to spend other times finishing up work from home.  I’ve been a good boy so far and played in my bouncer or took on a nap so she could get some stuff done. So far, so good.

We STILL haven’t closed on the house.  Mommy and Daddy have had some choice words to the bank.  I guess I learned some other words this week, too, but I better not repeat those words.

But that leads to some other big news—Mommy upgraded the blog! Yep, now I can put videos here.  But Mommy accidently broke it playing around, so now she has to brush up on her CSS programming.  Bear with us as we change some stuff around and play with the colors and layout.

So, other things going on this week?  Well, I all the sudden decided tummy-time isn’t so bad, as long as I have a pillow and a book (I think I get that from Mommy).

I’m also rolling all over the place.  Hope it won’t be long until I can figure out this walking running thing.

I also found that my thumb tastes really yummy.  I suck on it all the time, but sometimes I manage to poke myself in the eye!

Mommy says I’m allowed to have any table food I want when

1.) I can sit up straight by myself
2. Can reach out and grab it
3. Put it in my mouth and eat it.

That sounded great, but man, it’s harder than it seems.  So far, I’ve managed to snag a carrot, a pineapple, and a pretzel, but I only got the carrot and pineapple to my mouth, and only the carrot in my mouth.  I know what a carrot is though, and I get really excited every time Mommy eats them.  We’re doing Baby-Led Weaning, which means I get to control this whole food thing.  Check it out, it’s pretty sensical and fun.

Welp, off to help Mommy code the blog.  Peace out, homedogs.

(OMG. Jack was right–there is a giant.)

(Aww, man.  I sat up, but the TV faces the other way.)

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