Tales From the Crib: Week 10

30 Nov

What a great week!  Mommy read everything she could, then took Daddy’s approach to life to just throw money at the problem, and has really calmed my reflux down.  She didn’t even have to use the Zantac.  She’s on a strict diet that includes no milk proteins, red meat, soy, corn, or wheat. Getting the allergies out of my system will help my whole tummy feel better.  I also never get put on my back—always at a 30 degree incline.  Mommy had to buy me a special wedge chair to play and sleep in, a new bathtub that is inclined, and she also inclined my changing table.  She also gives me an herbal tea twice a day made out of Slippery Elm Bark.  No, she doesn’t think this is any weirder than putting a 10 week old on Zantac and thickening my bottles with rice cereal (hello, extra calories that definitely aren’t needed!) I’m still spitting up and choking on it, but I haven’t projectile vomited all week and I’ve only outwardly spit up once or twice a day. I’ve had lots of coos and even a giggle!  Baby steps (no pun intended!)

(Watching football in my overpriced piece of foam.  Now I just need a beer rootbeer and some hotwings and I’ll be a real man.)

On Tuesday, I slept through the night, and on Wednesday, I did, too!  This means I was “extra-chippery” as Daddy says, and helped Mommy bake a gluten free, dairy free, soy free pumpkin pie and homemade “whipped cream” out of coconut milk for Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving, we had to get up extra early to go visit everyone.  First stop was Aunt Mary’s house to see Mimi and Papaw, and meet Uncle Brian and Ty, Aunt Kristin and Bailey, Michael, and Jacob.  I was so excited to meet everyone and can’t wait until I’m big enough to play with my cousins.

(Excuse the horrible picture.  The batteries on Mommy’s camera were dying…)

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and I got to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Thome and Aunt Amy and Uncle David.  Daddy and I watched football while Mommy took a two and a half hour nap!  We stayed all night there and I slept good, too!

We came home on Friday and SURPRISE—went to look at a new house!  It doesn’t look like we’re going  to be able to move to Cincinnati soon, so Mommy “convinced” Daddy that we have to get out of this horrible apartment.  Sadly, that house went under contract as we were looking at it. Boo!!!

Over the weekend, we went grocery shopping and just hung out at home. I still did a much better job sleeping. Aunt Kristin brought me a Jumperroo to borrow.  Mommy was worried I wasn’t big enough yet, but I hold my head up just fine thank-you-very-much!  I played with it all night!   It was a nice, relaxing weekend and we all feel recharged now.

(What is this crazy thing?)

(Maybe I’ll really slowly touch this thing-a-ma-jig.)

(Maybe it tastes good?)

(I can’t touch the ground yet!)

(I’m all bounced out.)

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