Tales From the Crib: Week 6

31 Oct

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Another busy week at the Niehaus abode!

On Monday, we went to AA breastfeeding support group; I weighed in at over 12 lbs. and ate almost 3 ounces in about 15 minutes!  Num Num Num…Afterwards, I took my first trip to the mall!  It was a short trip, but I did really good and rode in my stroller like a good boy.

On Tuesday, Daddy came home early to wait for his new video game to come in the mail.  While he was waiting, he took me on a walk on campus.  We stopped in Mommy’s office to visit her coworkers.

On Thursday, we went to Brad and Mandy’s house for Trick or Treat.  Apparently, I  only got to help pass out candy and not actually  eat any of the candy…I misinterpreted that memo.

On Friday, Daddy flexed some time at work and stayed home with me to play.  We drove to Cincinnati so he and Mommy could drive some super-fast go-karts.  Daddy did really good with a 57 second lap time…Mommy did kind of good, too.  She was really courteous and pulled over to let the other karts pass—apparently motherhood has taken away some of her spunk.  Grandpa Dan filmed the whole thing while Grandma Lisa played in the car with me.

On Saturday, I took my first trip to the grocery store.  I rode in my BabyBjorn with Daddy; all of these nice ladies kept coming up and telling us how cute we were.


Sleep: Mommy tried to start a consistent bedtime routine.  The good news is that I get a fun story every night.  The bad news is that it’s not working.  I did have two blocks of 4 hours, but I woke up every hour or two all the other times.
Eat: Mommy started pumping milk so that Daddy can give me a bottle and get more sleep.  This plan also failed—anyone else seeing a pattern?  I’m still really hungry after my bottle and I miss Mommy so I cry and cry and cry until Daddy melts down and wakes her up. Sometimes if Mommy gets mad, Daddy takes me on a drive.  I also have some pretty bad reflux so I had some major spit-ups.  I thought they were silly—Daddy had a freak-out and woke Mommy up to clean it up. (He wakes Mommy up A LOT!)
Play: I’m starting to make more “happy sounds” as Mommy calls them.  I played in my swing for hours.  I also like reading stories.
Likes: Being held.  Sleeping on Mommy and Daddy’s chest.  Going outside.  Playing video games with Daddy.

Dislikes: Bottles.  Sleeping.  Congestion.

(One minute I’m happily asleep…)

(Then I’m viciously attacked…)

(Oh, yucky…(Mommy has since switched to breastmilk instead of saline drops, but still…))

(Then I scream bloody-murder.)

Look! More cute pictures of me!

Mommy says I don’t sleep, but here’s photographic proof:

Now for the rebuttal (these were taken at 3am):

(Who me? I don’t stay up all night.)

(Seriously. I don’t know what you’re talking about.)

(Ok. You caught me.)

(I’m embarrassed.)

(Whatcha gonna do about it?)

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