Tales From the Crib: Week 5

24 Oct

Howdy, everyone!  Happy to report we had a much better week around here.  I even had one 3 hour stretch of sleep (though I’m positive that I missed something fun!).  Daddy stayed up with me to play a few times so Mommy could sleep, but he tends to have a meltdown after 45 minutes or so then he wakes Mommy up…Mommy is quite exasperated.  I had another lunch date with Daddy, and Uncle Chris came to meet me.  I even wore my Stig shirt he bought me.  I also had a lunch date with Kathi and Aaron, Mommy’s friend from work and her husband.  I even got to see Grandma Lisa, Grandpa Dan, Aunt Amy, and Uncle David.  Grandma and Grandpa took me on a walk to meet some of the neighbors. Mommy and Daddy tried to sleep during this time, but apparently, Mommy has developed insomnia and can’t sleep.  She just needs me to snuggle her to sleep, right?!

Mommy is quite certain that I have some food allergies, so she’s on a strict elimination diet. We’re not sure if it’s just dairy or dairy and something else.  I have a rash on my face and chest, but it’s clearing up, and my tummy seems to not hurt so much.  Daddy had to take her to Whole Foods to find some food, though.  She thanked God for vegans—she bought some vegan cheese, dairy free chocolate cookies, and vegan lasagna to eat for lunch.  Hopefully this helps me feel better and helps Mommy not feel like she is starving!

I’m definitely not starving! I got weighed at breastfeeding class; I reached the 11lb. mark this week and started wearing some of my 3-6 month size jammies.  Watch out everyone, I’m turning into such a big boy!


Sleep: Getting better, but I still have night and day mixed up and I’m not consistent in my sleep.
Eat: Also getting better.  Eating about every 2-2.5 hours with a few feedings closer together in the evening when I’m sleepy.
Play: I’ve been playing in my swing this week (thanks, Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jason!).  Sometimes I like to stay there for 45 minutes and sometimes I only like it for 5 minutes.
Likes: Mommy’s healthy diet.  Spitting up.  Going outside. Looking out the window to watch raindrops.
Dislikes: Cold weather.  Getting boogers sucked out of my nose.

Look! More cute pictures of me!

(lunch with Daddy and Chris)

(One of my Top Gear shirts)

(Yes, my sweatervest is awesome. Thanks for noticing.)

(Quality time with Auntie Amy and Uncle David)

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