Tales From the Crib: Week 4

19 Oct

Ummm…welcome to my week:

Daddy got sick; Mommy got sick; I got sick.  Daddy went to Charlotte for the NASCAR race and left me and Mommy at home by ourselves, sicky.  Neither of us got any sleep.

On a positive note: I hit the 10lb mark this week!  I’m getting so big! (And mommy only has 10lbs. left to go to be at pre-pregnancy weight—she wanted me to share that for inquiring minds…)


Sleep: Let’s not talk about that…
Eat: We started going to a breastfeeding support group; it’s kind of like AA except everyone is sleep-deprived and no one has a shirt on.  My latch is getting better and I’m sucking better, but I’m a growing boy and still want to eat every hour or two.
Play: Daddy wanted to get me a playmat.  I’m still a bit too little to enjoy it, though. Does peeing on visitors count as play? (Sorry Aunt Angela!)
Likes: Same ole, same ole.
Dislikes: Daddy leaving town.  Mommy melting down at 2am. Germs.

Look! More cute pictures of me!

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