Tales From the Crib: Week 2

3 Oct

Wow, what a busy week.  I had my first lunch date with Daddy (and Uncle Brad came, too!).  It was also Daddy’s birthday so I got to make him a card, and I helped Mommy bake cupcakes.  We went to Lock 16 with Scott and Shannon so Daddy could get a ginormous steak dinner.   I slept the whole time like a good little guy.  On Sunday, Grandma Lisa, Grandpa Dan, Aunt Amy, and Uncle David drove to Lima to visit me.  On Monday, Mommy had to take me to the doctor to get my jaundice tested, and it was so stressful!  They pricked me in the foot (ouch!), but  I didn’t want to bleed so they kept squeezing my foot (double-ouch!).  I was crying so hard that it made Mommy cry, too.  We had lots of snuggles on the couch after that!

We’re not enjoying the weather here; it’s so cold and rainy.  I want to go out for walks in my stroller.


Sleep: 0-2 hours at a time (Mommy is getting sooo sleepy…)
Eat: I’m drowning, woman.  Seriously, somebody help me—I’m getting tummy-aches.  Mommy had to pump some milk to make it easier on me, so Daddy gave me a bottle one night so Mommy could sleep.  He’s a good guy.
Play: I’m spending more time awake, so Mommy and Daddy talk and sing to me.  They’re so silly. Oh, and I found my thumb…num, num, num…
Likes: Bathtime (hey, I can change my mind). Pats on the back (burp!).  Grunting, squeaking, and bleating like a goat.
Dislikes: Gas pain.  Sleeping at night.

Look! More cute pictures of me!

(My thumb–I’ve been looking for you for weeks!)

(Mmmm…thumb. So happy.)

(My 1st lunch date with Daddy–ignore my tired-looking Mommy–I was so excited about my lunch date that I didn’t sleep the night before…)

(We love our naps!)

(Making Daddy a birthday card)

(Making Daddy birthday cupcakes)

(Mommy wanted a disclaimer that says she had to do the frosting 1-handed…)

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