{Augustus Caesar}

2 Aug


It’s that time of the month again. Oh, um, no.  Not that time.  The time where I get to look back over the past few weeks and realize that I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, or even needed, to.  July was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.  Between taking a 16 week graduate class in 3 weeks (yes, 3!—damn instructor), starting an entire room make-over, getting a new supervisor at work, dealing with an exhausted husband, and finding out that some dear friends are going through a mess, I’m surprised that I didn’t take a personal health day week this month.  So while I did stay busy, the question remains…did I reach any of my goals?

Take vitamin every day, NOPE
Take herbal supplement 1x/day, NOPE
Eat dinner in 4x/week, NOPE
Be in bed and asleep by 11:00, NOPE (but I did do much better)
Walk to work 2x/week (it’s hot out there!), NOPE
Do 1 adventurous outdoor activity each week (yeah…I know that’s open-ended), KIND OF…
Mail a card to friend via snail-mail, NOPE (though I did hand out about 20 for various reasons)
Try 2 new recipes, ONLY ONE
Read a book, YEP
Organize filing cabinet, YEP
Organize clothes closet, NOPE (though I did complete about 75% of an entire room make-over)
Pass my graduate school class (preferably an “A”, yes, but we’ll see…), YEP

It’s amazing to me that I only got a few things done, but I feel better about getting those few things done than not getting any of the other ones done.  I’ve been wanting to organize the filing cabinet for years (years!), so it feels good to have that done.  And it always feels nice to be 3 credit hours closer to a Masters degree.

I did manage to have some fun in there somewhere.  I read a fantastic book, Sarah’s Key, which chronicles a French Jewish girl’s history during WWII.  It’s a heartbreaker: be warned.

We also had a group over for a little impromptu dinner party.  I made homemade alfredo sauce w/mushrooms.  Quite delish, and I got rave reviews.

We had everyone over to watch the season premier of Top Gear, a British car show.  It’s fantastic, and I’m not really that big of a car enthusiast.  Three curmudgeon-y old men and one mysterious guy in a racing suit talk about cars, politics, randomness, and push the limits of what a car can do—like turning it into a rocket, a boat, or playing soccer.

We also got addicted to Bones, though I’m sure any woman would get addicted to anything with David Boreanaz in it.  We’re currently on Season 2, and I’m afraid I’ll have to slow down because I won’t be able to wait until Sept. 23 when it begins airing again.

Of course, we hit the movie theatre the day we got back from vacation to see Eclipse.  Though the acting was better, and the overall movie was good, I still didn’t like it.  I think I actually may have liked it less than New Moon, but the book wasn’t my favorite either.

Last weekend  we went kayaking at a local place, and I spent some time at the driving range with the hubby.  That’s adventurous, right?  Right?  I would really have liked to spend more time outdoors, but I was knee-deep in paint (and I’m only half being facetious).  Details on that soon to follow…

Overall, I must admit that I’m glad July is over.  I don’t normally like that time has passed, but I’m happy about the fresh start August will bring. So this month, I feel the need to focus on emotional and mental health more than getting tasks done:

Take vitamin every day
Take herbal supplement 1x/day
Eat dinner in 4x/week
Be in bed and asleep by 11:00
Walk to work 1x/week
Mail 2 cards to friend via snail-mail
Try 2 new recipes
Read a book
Read a devotional every morning

Go to Church at least once (that hurts to type…I can’t believe that has become a goal instead of something I just do)
Get rid of the pile of accumulated clutter in the Living Room

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