{Wedding Photography: Lima, Ohio}

27 Jul

The hubby and I do wedding photography.  Did you know that?  Probably not.  Because we’ve only done 3.  The first was…not so good.  The second…cute and effective.  The third…definite improvement.  Nicole was a June bride, and the couple incorporated their children into the wedding (all 6! of them).  They held both the ceremony and reception at a place just outside of Lima, OH called “Just Something Different”. 

These folks are fabulous—they take care of everything—the cake, the decorations, the DJ, the food and even all of the fun.  They have a huge lake, where kids (and guests!) can swim, repel, rope swing, and paddle boat.  They also have volleyball nets, cornhole (that may be an Ohio thing), and the DJ held a line-dancing tutorial for all the guests.  The setting was beautiful, the food good, but the only thing lacking was a photographer.  Enter Greenhouse Studios (aka the hubs and I). 


(The coordinator arranged for the the groom to arrive on horseback…without the bride knowing!)


The feedback was extremely positive, and the folks at Just Something Different has promised to invite us back.  Happy Bride=Success!

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