{The Vacation Chronicles: Serenade of the Seas)

26 Jul

Even without having four ports of call (Curacao, Dominica, Aruba, and St. Thomas), the trip would have been fun.  There’s so much to do on the ship.  We splurged for the balcony room (I tend to get claustrophobic), and it really makes a difference.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to wake up to this?!


Instead of running around trying to find something to do, many nights we just hung out on the balcony, listening to the waves, and enjoying the humidity warm air.

After being thrown overboard hanging out for awhile, we would head off the nightly show.  The after dinner shows were good—ventriloquists, jugglers, show tunes, and comedians.


(the poor old gent didn’t realize that the juggler was joking about throwing a machete)

(the he juggled in the dark)

There are tons of planned activities throughout the day and early evening, too.  In fact, when the stateroom attendant makes the bed at night after an afternoon nap (cause he’ll make it in the morning, too), they’ll leave a Cruise Compass on the bed—a little newsletter and schedule of all of the fun, free happenings onboard.  This is my kind of life…schedules and plans and newsletters, and I don’t even have to do the planning!


We made it to the Trivia Challenge quite a few times.  We met a lady who had been on Jeopardy, so needless to say we didn’t win.  At one challenge, I left to go to the restroom.  Omar (we were totally on a first name basis with the trivia guy) began to heckle Eric about his wife leaving him.  Eric shot back with, “I’m the beauty and the brains of this relationship”.  Um, bad for Eric that there were speakers in the bathroom…

We also went to a napkin folding class.  We learned 5 or 6 different designs in which to fold napkins for dinner parties.  Eric and I were able to follow along the booklet on our own, and worked ahead.  We got yelled at.  Eric continued to work ahead, and the activities leader made him come to the front of the class to teach everyone else how to do it.  His lack of accent and natural personality led him to do a fantastic job, with everyone completing the design.


We went to a few game shows, though we didn’t participate.  Well, Eric’s belt participated, but that’s another story.  You see, each ship does “The Quest”, which is an adult only game show.  Groups have to be the first to show an item, much like a Scavenger Hunt.  For example, a picture of the White House (on money), a piercing (no matter where it is!), or a man in bra…


Obviously, things get out of hand quickly.  Someone needed a man’s belt, and Eric was the closest man, so he got undressed. 

Of course, we enjoyed soaking up the sun on deck.  The wind made the heat and sun pleasant, though we could only manage to stay out for 20-25 minutes at a time.  This was the perfect atmosphere to crack the spine on a good book.


And no discussion about cruising is complete without mentioning the food! Mmmm.  How great was it?  Well, one night Eric had 3 lobster tails and filet mignon–just as the entrée.  We ate in the main dining room every night, as it was included in the price of the cruise.  For breakfast and lunch, we ate at the Windjammer (buffet style) every day, though the main dining room was open a few times. To me, this is the best part of cruising, not having to worry about where and what to eat, and the fact that the price of all meals are included in the price.  The only bad thing about this dining experience was that the table behind us was a bunch of bi-atches.  Yes, I just went there.   Eric likened the daughter to a cat in heat, and the mother to a dying hyena.  They were so loud and obnoxious, that by the 4th day, the Director of Guest Services approached their table and asked them to be quiet.  This was after just about every table in the room complained, AND the comedians during the shows made fun of them because they were so loud in the audience.  At least the service staff tried to make us for it by doing an extra night of singing and dancing…


One of the other couples at our table were celebrating the husband’s birthday (he got double dessert!).  They were such a nice couple, and we were supposed to have a Game Night with them on the last night, but Eric tried to throw a cup of coffee at the laughing hyena and cat in heat, so I had to drag him out of there without saying good-bye.  If anyone knows Brad and Amy from Atlanta, tell them good-bye for us!

While I didn’t take advantage of 7 full meals, or even double entrees,  I did splurge and have two desserts on the last night.  I figured after traipsing through the rainforest, swimming between gorges, and kayaking 6 miles, that I was entitled to double chocolate cake and strawberry angel food cake, no?  And because we made a pact to never take the elevator, meaning we walked 15-20 flights of stairs/day, I may just be the first person who came back from a cruise who LOST weight and tone my jiggly bum bum.

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