{No Impact Man…er, Woman}

23 Jun

While blog-stalking over at YHL this morning, I came across a wonderful post describing some green endeavors.  One thing they touched upon was a documentary they watched recently, titled No Impact-Man–a documentary on one man’s attempt at green living, apparently telling his wife that she can’t use toilet paper anymore.  I must say that within two minutes I had this bad boy in my library queue on its way to me (gotta love working for a college–free state-wide book delivery to my desk!).  There’s also a paperback option.

No Impact Man Paperback

I was obviously intrigued, though I pictured more of a Michael Moore-ish documentary rather than something I would actually learn something from.  Clicking around on the website though, brought me to their No Impact Project.  The challenge is to forego many of life’s “necessities” and make a hard, conscious effort to be completely green for one week.  Project?! Challenge?!  Green?!  Count me in!

You must register (free) first, and then you will be e-mailed the weekly “how-to” guide.  I must admit, it doesn’t seem that difficult.  Honestly.  Some of the things they suggest I have already done, and others I have been meaning to do.  Overall, it looks more fun and rewarding than difficult and demanding.

So, I’ve decided on August 1-7 to be my “Challenge Week”.   This will be after my vacation, after my graduate classes have ended, and I will have no excuse not to.  So who’s in?  Seriously, this will be much more fun with more folks involved!  Think about it…trips to the local farmer’s market…pot luck dinners…candle-lit game nights…swap parties…the possibilities are endless. 

 Comment here or get in touch with me if you are “in”.  Come on, all the cool kids are doing it.

I’ll document all of our progress right here, so stay tuned!

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