{June Bugs and Sit Up’s}

1 Jun


These are just a few things coming up in the month of June for us.  June!  Yay!  Official Summer goodness.  The time of barbeques, camping, bathing suits, and coconuts (I don’t know—I always envision and smell coconuts when anyone says ‘summer’.  I swear you could walk up behind me and say ‘summer’ and I would start salivating over coconuts.)  But a new month means new goals, and a reflection back at the past month. 

So, my May Goals, along with self-imposed grades, were:

Take vitamin every day, C+
Take herbal supplement 3x/day
, B- (getting better!)
Eat dinner in 4x/week
, B (2 weeks we only ate in 3 times)
Be in bed (and asleep) by 11:00 on weekdays
, C (The nights I didn’t get to sleep by 11, I was asleep by 11:30ish.)
Walk to and/or from work 2x/week
, B (only because we had one week of non-stop rain)
Walk 15 minutes on treadmill 1x/week
, Not Needed—I walked a lot outside…
Go for at least a 20min. walk outside 1x/week
, A
Mail a card to a friend via snail-mail
, A
Spring clean the Laundry Room, Bathroom, & Bedroom
, C+-ish (I clean, then it gets dirty, so I can’t even remember what I cleaned…)
Make 3 sets of cards for Fall craft fair (gotta start early…)
, F (I made 3 cards total…)

I did implement a new tracking system for my goals, which helps.  I printed of a mini checklist with a calendar to clip inside my day planner.  It seems to be working.

What else have I been working on?

Mainly, I got busy at work.  To most people, that would be torture.  I did a happy dance.  I’m never busy at work, and it gets very old.  The grass is always greener on the other side, eh?  I also managed to grow flowers.  Lots of them.  In April, I started  a flower garden, and in May, nothing died.  That’s an achievement right there.  I seemed to do a lot of baking, too.  I made three different kinds of cupcakes and my first ever attempt at zucchini bread.

What I’ve Done for Fun

We went to two weddings in May.  I heart weddings.  Eric’s cousin married in early May, and had a really cute kid’s choir that signed the entire song during the unity candle.  Quite fun.  A coworker of Eric’s married in mid-May, and they had the most delicious looking cake in the world.

(I think we were doing the “train” with Eric’s grandparents…)

(Who’s that sexy guy?  Or the girl with feather earrings?  Aren’t those fab?)

After the wedding, we embarked on a trip to The Squirty Worm.  No fear—it’s like a fun center for families and kids.  I got my butt kicked in miniature golf, although I did get a hole in one.  We also did batting cages, in which Eric thought that Major League fast pitch was his cup of tea (it wasn’t).  Following that, we raced go-karts.  It has been awhile since I’ve driven a go-kart, and yep, it is just as fun as I remember.  Eric pulled a Mario Andretti and passed everyone on the inside.

And of course, we ended the month at the Indy 500.  I began going with Eric 6 years ago (Holy crow that seems like a long time).  Apparently, this was the hottest 500 in history, but I still think the first year was the hottest.  I was rooting for a Helio win, or even an Andretti win, but no luck.  Dario Franchitti won after everyone else started running out of fuel.  I really wouldn’t mind him winning, especially since he races for Target, it’s just that his win means that Ashley Judd (his wife) is going to get her dramatic self in front of the camera.

Indianapolis 500

What I’ve Been Reading

I read a few books this month.  Mr. Maybe, by Jane Green was pretty good.  I’m a Jane Green fan, and this is the 4th or 5th book I’ve read by her.  Not as great as her others, but still good.  The other book, The Diplomat’s Wife, was a sequel to The Kommandant’s Girl, which I read last month.  Much like The Kommandant’s Girl, a lot of action and suspense was built up in the beginning, and then it just kinda fell flat at the end.  It’s like, “oh, I’ve only got 100 pages left, I better start wrapping this story up.”  There were also a few parts where the author went into so much detail that I thought it was an event or quirk that was going to come up later in the story, but it never did, or it was a far reach.  I enjoyed the history lesson (which there really wasn’t much) more than the storylines.

What’s Been Turning my Brain to Mush?

We made it to two movies this month: Robin Hood and Sex and the City 2.  (Yes, “we”.  Eric likes Sex and the City more than I do, I think.)  Robin Hood wasn’t one of Russell Crowe’s best, nor was it “epic”, but I’m not sorry that I spent the $10 to see it.  Same with SATC.  We saw it opening night, and while not as hilarious as it could have been, I had a good time.  I felt they could have done a lot more with some of the storylines, and some of the jokes fell flat, but overall, I “lol’d” a lot.

With all the rainy days, I found myself watching a lot of telly.  Since the Charlie St. Cloud trailer came out, I renewed my slightly statutory crush on Zac Efron, which means I rewatched Hairspray, and High School Musical…1…2…and 3.  Please. Shoot. Me. Now.

Netflix also roped me in with Watch Instant episodes of Roswell.  You know, Twilight, but with aliens instead of vampires.  I envisioned that entire cast when reading Twilight

They would have been much better than chain-smoking, throw-up-the-bird K-Stew, and the ever awkward RPatz, but, whatev.

Kristen Stewart

So, this leads to setting some new goals, or continuations of other ones.

Take vitamin every day
Take herbal supplement 3x/day
Eat dinner in 4x/week
Be in bed (and asleep) by 11:00 on weekdays
Walk to or from work 4x/week
Go for at least a 20min. walk outside 1x/week
Stretch and do “mini-workout” every day
Mail a card to a friend via snail-mail
Organize my clothes closet
Make 3 more cards for Fall craft fair (gotta start early…)
Try one new recipe
Read 2 books out of the “To Be Read” pile accumulating on my coffee table

I really must get these goals done this month—I have to get bikini ready for Aruba!

And fear not you faithful blog readers, you.  I have not lost interest in spewing my incessant ramblings—I’ve simply had a laptop crash.  You would think that dating the 2nd coming of Bill Gates would leave me with a massive amount of technology, but alas, I am computerless–and pictureless.  So once I recover all of that, I can post all of my wonderful ramblings of the past few weeks.  Happy Reading ahead, no?

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