{April Showers Bring May Flowers}

4 May


And what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims! Hehe.  Sorry, I’m easily amused.  And I digress…

So, did April bring me some May flowers?  Yes!…and, no.  Back in Autumn, I planted 50 tulip bulbs. This Spring, I got two tulips, 5 hostas, and a dandelion. ::Sigh::

I ripped them up this past weekend, and I realized that the bulbs had molded.  I’m guessing that they never really dried out after the snow.  Or something, obviously.  I also was now down a few pots of soil because I didn’t want to replant in a moldy environment.  Yes, Wally World’s stock went up a few points due to my shopping excursions this weekend.  I spent the weekend in a gardening frenzy, so now it is quite pretty and pleasant.  More on that to come.

Back to the goals for April.

Take vitamin every day, B-
Take herbal supplement 3x/day, D
Eat dinner in 4x/week, F- (I don’t think we ate in 4 times total!)
Be in bed (and asleep) by 11:00 on weekdays, C (I’m getting better, I think.)
Go for a 20 minute walk outside 2x/week, F (I think I walked twice; does that count?)
Mail 3 cards to friends via snail-mail, A+ (I even did it at the beginning of the month.)
Spring Clean the Laundry room, Bathroom, and Bedroom, F (Wait.  If we’re grading on effort, C+.  I tried.  It was one of those things that I kept making a bigger mess…)
Clean up the patio, B (Again, I did.  Then made a mess. Then did.  Then made another mess.)
Plant bulbs for late Summer blooms, A (I did.  Though I’m skeptical that they’ll grow.)
Find vases/holders for our super-fun new Pottery Barn candles (they have even bigger flameless ones now!), B (Wow.  I did a lot of messiness.  I found them a home, but it displaced other items who are now cluttering up our dining room.)
Renew Passport!!!!!, A (Which is good cause we’re going to Aruba!)
Order new glasses, POSTPONED (It’s a want, not a need.)

If I had this report card in school, I would have been suicidal.  I’m aiming for the “Most Improved Award” for May.  Although I used to think that was the biggest slap-in-the-face award ever–you used to suck and be a screw-up, now you’re not so bad…

But I’m not going to be too upset.  Mostly because I know that we stayed busy.  Way busy. 

So what else did we do in April?

Well, I read a few books: The Kommandant’s Girl by Pam Jenoff (pretty good, but only because there is a sequel that calms my qualms (hehe) about the ending), and Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin (umm, not really a strong climax.  A bit contrived.  Unsatisfying end.

I quit watching American Idol (got annoying), Dancing With the Stars (boring), and that Jamie Oliver show ended (so sad).  So this left plenty of time to Netflix a TV series.  I caught a rerun of Buffy the Vampire Slayer a few months ago, and decided this would be perfect time to rewatch that.  Then I remembered the Angel spin-off, so now I’m going back and forth.  (On a tangent…SERIOUS NERD ALERT: For those critics  who claim that Bella should be more like Buffy, and that Buffy is a role model for young girls…wth?  Really? Cause all I see is a needy, clingy, spoiled, “oh woe is me” girl who treats her friends and her parents like crapt, and just happens to know how to shoot a crossbow.  I think Buffy did more to set back the feminist movement than Bella did (not that I’m a fan of feminists), and would much rather my future possible daughter delve into the world of Twilight than that of Sunnydale.  ::End Tangent::)

We also watched Angels and Demons (cool explosion at the end, a bit boring throughout), and Eric watched The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (pretty sure he liked it).

As for projects, we refinished our dining room table and chairs, painted a bunch of flower pots, and helped put together an Easter dinner for 20 people.  This was on top of spending a weekend in Cincinnati for a bridal shower.

And “just for fun events”?  Lacking…We did get a lovely invite to a Mudhens game.  Yep. Mudhens.  Don’t worry, I had to google it, too.  Minor League baseball! Yay.  It was super-fun, but it made me want to play baseball.  Sporting events always do that do me…I don’t want to watch; I want to play.

So, May goals.

Take vitamin every day
Take herbal supplement 3x/day
Eat dinner in 4x/week
Be in bed (and asleep) by 11:00 on weekdays
Walk to and/or from work 2x/week
Walk 15 minutes on treadmill 1x/week
Go for at least a 20min. walk outside 1x/week
Mail a card to a friend via snail-mail
Spring clean the Laundry Room, Bathroom, & Bedroom
Make 3 sets of cards for Fall craft fair (gotta start early…)
  Hmmm, maybe “Most Improved” wasn’t the award to go for this month.  Maybe I should go for “Still Alive.”  Looking at the calendar, May doesn’t really look any slower.

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