{Catholic Wafers and Sex}

2 May

Sunday morning was the last amount of time to spend in NYC.  I was super excited to go to Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. St. Patrick’s is the largest gothic style cathedral in the U.S.  Building began in 1858, and the church opened in 1879, stopping only during the Civil War when funding ran out.  Most agree that it’s the epicenter of Catholic life in America.

The church was beautiful.  It was just…odd.  Men in black suits and earpieces patrolled the perimeter, looking quite out of place in a house of worship.  In fact, they were really the only security/police I really saw  the entire trip, and  guess I just didn’t expect to need security when singin’ to Jesus.  It was also odd because during the half hour between Masses, the church was filled with people snapping pictures, posing with statues, and generally perusing around.  Most people just came in to take pictures and then leave.  Kinda makes those cafeteria Catholics look like saints.

Communion was also very, very odd.  In a church filled with hundreds, they had two Eucharistic ministers.  Two.  And there was no order.  It was a free-for-all to get there first.  There were people from the back rows inching up during prayer.  I’m surprised people in the front didn’t get trampled.  I’m sure there were enough Catholic wafers for everyone, but then again, budget cuts are taking place everywhere…

Lastly, it was just very odd to walk out of such an old, traditional environment, into Armani and H&M.  This was the view from the main aisle of the church. 

Really made me want to go forth and multiply after fighting for my Catholic wafer.

We spent some time snapping a few pictures.  I had planned on doing some shopping, but decided to be good and not give into the cliché of needing to shop while in NYC.  Yes, I’m regretting that now…

(I ate an apple and my hand was sticky…yes, I know it’s gross and that I probably washed my hand in NY pee…)

Overall, we had a great time, but we were antsy to get to our next destination.  Because remember, we were in New York for a reason…

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