{Stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel: Not a Cliché}

30 Apr

Day 2 of NYC Adventure 2010 recap begins with the most stressful: a wreck in the Lincoln Tunnel.  Which almost made us miss our show.  Now, we weren’t in the wreck that backed everything up for hours, but our public bus driver did hit a car.  And no one cared.  Seriously.  No one even batted an eyelash. Oh, NYC, how I love thee.  You see, the car was trying to squeeze in front of our bus, and our bus driver just kept inching up and clipped his hood, dragging the bus along his car.  Even the driver of the car didn’t look too shocked.  Crazy.

Because we were in New Jersey, the bus had to get OUT of the city, and then back in.  Now, couple a wreck with Saturday night traffic, and the phrase “hell on wheels” just doesn’t seem to cut it.  (P.S. WHY do people beep their horns in traffic jams?  Honestly?  What do you think you’re going to accomplish?)

We had plans to dine at this snazzy little pizza bistro we saw earlier in the day, so we went to the bus stop around 5:45.  The show wasn’t until 8:30.  Let me reiterate; we were almost late.  The bus ride is usually only 8 minutes.  This gave me plenty of time to chat with a Russian/Swedish/Irish woman on the bus (because all of the seats were full and Eric and I had to sit on separate ends of the bus.  No wonder divorce rates are so high…you can’t even sit with your honey on a night out!).  She was on the cell phone most of the time, talking with a different accent and in a different language with each call.  That’s talent.

When the bus finally pulled into the terminal, it was 8:23.  We made it to the Majestic Theatre in time for the show.  In time to grab snacks.  In time to use the restroom.  And in time to snap a few pictures before the show started. This would probably also be a good time to mention that two days before we left for NYC, I decided to up the ante and buy 4” heels…AND not break them in.  There is nothing like sprinting through NYC on a Saturday night in stilettos to make you feel like a true, American woman.


So, we went to the Majestic, which means we saw…Phantom of the Opera-now the longest running show on Broadway!  I’m ashamed to admit that I have never seen a production of this before, and that Eric fell asleep during the production he went to in Cincinnati.  We even fell asleep during the movie when we rented it in college, but that was due to sheer exhaustion and not the movie itself.  On a side note: did anyone realize that Gerard Butler played the Phantom in that movie? 

(Who’s that handsome guy?)

(Our seats where dead center, first row of the balcony.  Loved them!)

I’m really contemplating a Christmas trip to NYC to catch the sequel to “Phantom of the Opera”, “Love Never Dies”.  Set 10 years later, Christine is invited to perform at Coney Island by a strange man…I can’t imagine who! (Or why she’d go…it’s like the equivalent of the dumb blond running UP the stairs in horror movies…)

After the show, we ended up heading straight back to the bus terminal so that we could figure out the schedule.  I once again got the chance to try out my new “American womanness” by CHASING a bus down.  You see, after hanging out for over an hour in the terminal,

compare blisters, next to a passed out guy who had peed on himself and fallen out of a chair, watching a pigeon check out all of the gates (Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, anyone?),

we looked at the clock to realize the bus is a few minutes late.  I walked out the gate door to look down the street, and see a crazed woman sprinting down the street.  Deranged, I thought.  Until I saw what she was chasing.  I don’t know why the bus didn’t stop, or where she came from, or how long she’d been chasing that bus, but we both needed on that bus.  So without even a glance back at Eric, I took off sprinting too.  (I knew he would follow; don’t worry, I wasn’t trying to leave him there.)  Thankfully, the driver stopped.  And we got on.  And I think I figured out why he didn’t stop in the first place.  The bus was so crowded there was barely standing room.  Now, I hung on for dear life to the overhead cable thing…in 4” heels…on a bendy bus…with a crazed driver.  I fell is some guy’s lap at one point.  I’m sure there are videos on youtube.  New goal for May…work on balance.

We got off of the bus to take some night shots and realized it was now after 1am, and we hadn’t eaten dinner. 


(Did I mention how fabulous the view from our hotel was?)

We headed to Houlihan’s, which was still jam-packed, and also happens to be the same place we ate lunch earlier in the day, after our morning adventure in the city. It was right next to the hotel, and had an indoor and outdoor area.


Before lunch, we put on our “New York” face and got a signature Starbucks,


hung out in Times Square,


Visited the M&M Store (I, ummm, used to collect M&M memorabilia…),


Strolled through Central Park…I find it funny that people walk billions of blocks to jog around the park…and it was very sad to see all of the little kiddos barricaded into a tiny playground in the middle of the city.  This one poor child was just hanging onto the gate and staring out…,

And moseyed up and down the streets basking in the energy. 

(Although, I don’t think I would advertise this to tourists…)

I love the energy a big city brings, but I don’t think I could embrace my inner Martha Stewart-ness in a big city (and I don’t mean the whole insider trading/prison thing).  

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