{Sex in the City}

14 Apr

Umm, wait…Sorry, won’t be sharing those details with you. But I was in the city. New York City, that is! The Big Apple. America’s Mecca. The City of Cities. This was my first trip to NYC, but Eric has been there before. We had a bit of a hard time planning this trip, because for the first time, our idea of a “good time” didn’t mesh. Eric thought “fun” was a fast-paced gallop down Wall Street, while my idea of “fun” was more like a leisurely stroll (or horse-drawn carriage ride!) through Central Park. We only had one full day, and with so many things that we both wanted to do, we actually ended up cancelling the plans to hit the city until we could spend more than a day there.

A few nights before we were ready to leave (because we had to be in New York for other reasons), we revisited the idea of hitting the city. The only thing we both agreed on was to see a show on Broadway. I researched this previously, and the thought of spending a few hundred dollars for tickets took the fun out of it. But since Eric isn’t quite as frugal as I am, March was my birthday month, and we always make spontaneous decisions at 2am, we ended up with tickets to catch a production.

This left the issue of finding a hotel. The thought of figuring out public transportation made me shake in my booties. So I knew I had to find something that wasn’t too far away. But the thought of paying $300+ bucks a night for a room (plus parking), made me want to stake a vampire (sorry, too many Buffy reruns). Thanks to some mad googling skills, I found this place: Sheraton at Lincoln Harbor. For $119/night, we got this view, which entirely justified the cost.

Kinda nice going to bed to that…and waking up with this…

We also got relatively cheap parking, with in/out access, ferry access literally right outside of our door, 2 bus routes that went directly to the Port Authority Bus Terminal within 30 seconds walking distance, a swanky bar/restaurant on site, a swankier bar/restaurant next door, late checkout, a newly updated room, and did I mention the view?!

 The hotel was actually in New Jersey, but if worse came to worse, I could have swam into the city. I think normal room rates are around $200, but I signed up for the FREE rewards program which brought down the rates and provided some other decent amenities—like two(!) TV’s (and a few spammy emails, but nothing ridiculously obnoxious). This place was super-clean, super-nice, super-quiet (which we were concerned about in NYC), and I 101.2% recommend it for anyone planning a NYC trip. Oh, and I actually wanted to take this chair home with me–A+ to the decor team.


We decided to drive, which equated to about 10 hours in the car. It wasn’t so bad because we thoroughly enjoy car rides together, plus we downloaded a ton of music and made some mixed CD’s (holla, 1997!). All was well until we hit Pennsylvania at lunch time, and apparently people in that state do not eat out. Aside from Jolene’s Chicken Shack and Randy’s Hog Hotel, there was nowhere to stop for lunch. We passed the time by pocket-dialing random people from Eric’s work (long, inside-joke—I’ll spare ya.) The drive was beautiful, and Eric really enjoyed snapping hundreds of shots through the car window…obviously I put in my fair-share of driving time. We were going to drop in on Jim and Pam, but thought they may not enjoy company, you know, with the new baby and all.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, we were ready for dinner and a nap, so needless to say we didn’t do too much exciting adventuring. We decided to try out the restaurant in the hotel: The Harbor Bar and Brasserie (a French word for a type of restaurant with a relaxed, upscale setting, also French for brewery and, by extension, “the brewing business”. A brasserie can be expected to have professional service and printed menus). It was really good. They had an entire gluten free menu, including desserts, along with a wide variety of veggie options. They also had all of the March Madness games showing, so we were able to see the damage to our bracket. Actually, at this point, I believe we were in 1st! Don’t get too happy; we didn’t stay there. I picked my teams based on results of like 3 years ago, cause I haven’t watched a game lately.

We ended the night with a romantic stroll along the harbor, wishing we could buy one of the condos built on the water overlooking the city. I think I’m developing a strong case of “house envy.”

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