{I Think, Therefore I Peep}

8 Apr

Each year Eric’s family does a family Easter egg hunt.  Super fun.  For some reason, last year we decided we needed to make t-shirts, decorate the car, and get into an all-out competitive mood.  We did all of this at midnight…the night before.  But! We won.  It was fantastic.  Our theme last year was “Peeps”.  Everyone got a “Peep” name, and a “Peep” quote.  It’s amazing how funny popular quotes, ads, and taglines become when you replace them with a random word.  Some of the taglines were “Strong enough for a man, made for a Peep”, “I think, therefore I Peep”, “Geez Oh Peep”, and my personal favorite, “Don’t Peep and Drive”.  Eric’s papa was Master P.eep (get it?), his mom was Queen Peep, his sister was therefore Princess Peep, Eric was Lil’ Peep, and I was Peepers. 

So this year, we started planning early, in an effort to out-do ourselves. We had a theme and everything. Eric did a presentation at work about putting all of your eggs in one basket…I made cookies…and he made plastic eggs for a visual aid…are you noticing a theme of overachievement?

And then the worst of the worst happened.  Eric had a huge project at work during Easter weekend, and we made the decision to stay in Limaland, thus missing Easter with the family.  I was sad, but have no fear, there were no teardrops.  Instead, Eric thought it would be nice if I brought Easter lunch into the workplace, since many other people were also away from their families.  Party time!  Thankfully, another couple also thought it would be nice, so we coordinated.  I took care of drinks, dessert, rolls, and tableware, and they took care of the food.  Score!

Just so you know, making 4 gallons of tea and 4 gallons of lemonade is A LOT harder than it may initially appear.  So one container of tea tasted very “tea-y”, and one tasted like tea flavored water.  One container of lemonade was sugar water with a hint of lemon, and one was lemon flavored water.  12 hours in the fridge was also not enough time for them to chill, so thankfully a friend was able to play Arctic adventure and track down some ice.  Oh well, they looked cute, right? Oh, and the containers?  Wally World for $6.  They worked surprisingly well-no leaks, and they’re really sturdy.  I can get at least a few more uses out of them.

Now, the cupcakes were uber fun to make.  I found the paper basket cups on sale at JoAnn Fabric for under $1.  Excellent find.  I traced one before I put it on the cupcake, so now I can make them, or variations of them, in the future.  They didn’t really want to stay closed, and after the hubby picked one up by the handle and it tumbled, I used Glue Dots to reinforce them.

I also scored the cute pink polka dot cupcake cups for 50% at Hobby Lobby.  They perfectly matched the ribbon I already had for the drink containers…not that anyone noticed.

Do NOT underestimate the power of colored icing and sprinkles.  I picked up these green crystal sprinkles (also 50% off at Hobby Lobby).  While a bit messy and time consuming, they really added so much to the look and taste.  It’s all about the texture! I should have added the crystals right after frosting the cupcakes.  I waited awhile, and the frosting had already crusted, so I couldn’t just sprinkle them on.  I got a shallow dish, poured in some sprinkles, and then rolled the edges (with just a little pressure) around until it was covered.

The grass was made by adding a few drops of food coloring to sweetened, shredded coconut.  I used Wilton Kelly Green coloring for the frosting, and regular food coloring for the coconut.  This added just enough contrast to make the coconut “grass” stand out.  I thought that the coconut would be the hardest to get on, but it wasn’t.  Using a spoon, I scooped a spoonful, then scraped it off of the spoon with the back of another spoon, pressing it into the icing.  Worked like a charm.

I used malted chocolate eggs, but jelly beans, chocolate eggs, or peanut M&M’s would have worked just fine.  I just liked the realistic egg look.  To make the Peeps and Milky Way bunnies stand up, I…ummm…stuck a toothpick up their behinds.  Poor bunnies.

So while Eric spent 36 hours straight at work (yes, he’s very tired), I lounged on my chaise on the patio streaming Buffy reruns on my laptop and enjoying the 80 degree weather.  I also enjoyed the pretty flowers Eric bought me.  They can’t make up for not spending time with him on the holiday, but they came close.

The family still had the hunt, but apparently there was some French judging going on and not everyone had the same amount of eggs…whoops.  The theme this year was “The Hunt 2010: Let’s get crackin’”.  Eric’s sister is so crafty in her design.

So, now we can start planning our Halloween costumes and start Christmas shopping, right? No? Oh…whoops.

2 Responses to “{I Think, Therefore I Peep}”

  1. Dawn May 1, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Just so you know, I totally noticed that your decor matched at the Easter dinner. I thought it was very cute. Just saying. 🙂

    • Ashley Niehaus May 2, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

      Thanks, Dawn! It must take smart, creative women to notice such things. 🙂

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