{The Vacation Chronicles: Cuyahoga Valley National Park}

11 Mar

I wish I could say the memories of this trip were as fond as the trip to Smoky Mountains National Park.  I wish I could say that.  While the fondness of the memories are not the same, the fact that we did little to explore the area both here and there are the same.  You see, we set out to have a wonderful little weekend roadtrip.  It did not go so well.  Eric has a little speeding problem.  We (ahem, I mean HE) got pulled over twice for speeding…in less than 24 hours…going the exact same speed in the same speed zone both times…

To his credit, in both areas, the speed limit instantly changed from 55 to 25, and there was a police officer stationed at the exact spot in both places.  Can you say speed trap, anyone?  We also did not have an updated insurance card in the car, so that caused too many complications.  And Eric was still on his parents’ insurance—needless to say he got kicked off after this trip. 

The first officer was very scary and took BOTH of our ID’s (I have no clue why he wanted mine), and asked us TONS of questions about why we were in his town and where we were going.  I’m not sure interrogation is even the right word to explain it.  I honestly thought he was going to cart us off to jail for some reason.  The second officer, a highway patrolman at that, was super nice, and was probably going to let us off, until he asked the dreaded question: when’s the last time you were pulled over?  Ummm, a few hours ago?  He did kind of laugh and give us tips on where the other officers were hiding.  Thanks, guy!

By the time we got to the park, we were tired, anxious, frustrated, and I was still kinda scared that first officer was going to show up at my door and arrest me sometime in the near future.  We honestly drove 4 hours, to hike two miles tops, pick up a brochure at the ranger’s station, then drive 4 hours home.  In silence.  Eric was pouty.  Very, very pouty.  He promised to take me back sometime.  I don’t think we’ll be going back.

We did remember to snap a few pics there, to simply prove we actually did make it and didn’t end up in jail.

DO you SEE the look on his face?  I wasn’t kidding…pouter.



Ignore the fat thigh shot here.  I was very ill, and have since slimmed my thighs.  If I were better at Photoshop, I would slim them for you.

As if he hadn’t learned his lesson about speeding…He thought that if he walked fast it would all go away.

He did stop to take a picture of a flower, though, so I’m sure he had a least a little fun.

For those of you who don’t have a speeding (or pouting problem), the area seems like a super fun place to spend the weekend.  Located around the Akron/Cleveland area, there’s something for everyone.  If you’re not the camping type, there’s plenty of non-scary hotels to check into, along with restaurants and stores. The park is open 24 hours/day 365 days/year, although the Visitor’s Center is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  Unlike some National Parks, there is no entrance fee.  The park does house many shelters and facilities for rental, which would be great for a family reunion, wedding, or just a weekend party.  There’s horseback riding, camping, hiking, train rides, canoeing, fishing, biking and antique shopping.  We had every intention of taking the scenic train ride—the price is $15 for adults and includes an all day pass.  There are many different options for the train ride.  You can hop on at one station, then hike to another, or hike, then take the train back.  The area is also full of rich history, which is documented well throughout the Visitor’s Center and postings along the trails.  Check out the official site for info.

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