{Weekend Photography Challenge}

9 Mar

Warmer weather + sunshine + new camera = lots of new fun taking pictures.

Eric had the fun idea of creating weekend challenges for ourselves.  His plan? Come up with a topic of interest for us, which we both have to capture in photos.  Whoever takes the best picture wins! The prize?  I have no idea.  He didn’t think it out all the way…

So this weekend, we decided on the topic: “Things That We Like About Lima”.  We’re trying!

Here’s what I found.


Yep, I liked this town much better when they put a Panera in about a year ago.  They know us by name.  And they know our order.  It is very sad.

Eric found this. 

It’s just because it looked out of place downtown, and this guy was the epitome of “businessman”-talking on the cell phone, driving fast, personalized plates…

But then we really got down to the nitty-gritty and found some great places where we could take some future photos.  We also captured some details that we never noticed before.




We attempted to go shoot a few other places, but the 10ft. of melting snow mixed with the very flat land in Lima left a very, very muddy mess.  So this challenge is To Be Continued…

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