{Robert Pattinson is an Awkward Actor, and Other Thoughts From February}

1 Mar

Is February really over?  Already?  Wow! Not that I’m complaining in the slightest.  March is my favorite month.  It’s the month of Spring and Birthdays.  It doesn’t get much better than warmer weather and birthday cake. February really seemed to fly by, though.  Maybe I’m just getting old.  Or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse as to why I didn’t get a lot of my February goals accomplished…

February Goals

Take vitamin everyday: Grade: B-I missed about one/week.

Take herbal supplement 3x/day:
 Grade: C-I missed about 1x/day plus another few days total.

Walk 10 minutes 3x/week:
 Grade: A+! I actually did about 4x/week for 15-20 minutes, and did a lot of jogging. I think it helps that my coworker began going to the YMCA every morning at 4:30,  and I feel like an uber-slacker not being able to do 10-15 minutes a day. 

Eat dinner in at least 4x/week:
 Grade: A-There was one week that didn’t go so well, but it was a CRAZY week.  The following week we made up for it by eating in almost every night.

Take Valentine’s Day cards to local nursing home or school: 

Mail a card to a friend via snail-mail:

Bed by 11:00 on weekdays, 11:30 on weekends: 
FAIL.  Not even an F. Just total FAIL.

File Taxes (we do our own):
 Grade: A+

Read I Just Want My Pants Back:
 Grade: A

Make 2nd curtain for tables in craft room:

Renew Passport (I’ve been working on this since my wedding in 2008 ::sigh::):

Make “Easter Baskets” to send to the troops:

That is not a report card I’m happy to share.  I need to be stricter about taking herbs, vitamins and drinking tea, as I’ve been pretty tired this month.  But, if I would actually make it to bed and sleep before 11:00 more than 6 days (6!) during the month, I may fare better on that front. But, I’ve been working out pretty hard this month-jogging, sit ups, push ups, stretching, stability ball-the whole nine yards.  So, I’m feeling pretty good, I’m just in need of a siesta during the day.

The whole point of the Valentine’s cards being gifted was that I wanted to do a community service project.  Instead of donating the cards for a service-oriented project, I had the opportunity to play in a Scrabble championship to raise money for the local Literacy Council.  So, I postponed the cards until later in the year.  And as for those Easter baskets? Well, I made things to go in them.  I sent out some feelers to get some contact information.  And no contact information came back.  Yes, I could have just sent them to one of the big organizations who mails items in bulk, but I have some personal connections and wanted to touch base with them first.

As for those other postponements?  Well, I ran out of stamps.  And have yet to get new ones.  So I couldn’t mail anything.  But I designed some cute stationery.  So, I’ll send two this month.  Curtain for the craft room?  Well, the craft room looks like WWIII kicked off while we were at work, so a curtain isn’t going to do us any good.  The only thing that will is a good Spring Cleaning.  But, I’m starting to have the nagging suspicion this room will never get done.

So, now I need to set some March goals.  I’m not setting too many projects to get completed, as we have a busy, busy month ahead.

March Goals

Take vitamin everyday
Take herbal supplements 3x/day
Walk/Jog at least 10 min. 3x/week
Eat dinner in at least 4x/week
Be in bed (and asleep) by 11:00 on weekdays, 11:30 on weekends
Mail 2 cards to friends via snail-mail
Read Love in the Time of Cholera
Spring-Clean Laundry Room
Spring-Clean Bathroom
Make & Mail Julie’s Wedding Shower invitations

As for other areas for reflection:

We didn’t really watch anything new on TV.  I thought about watching “Survivor”, just because Rupert was on again, but I’m already watching more TV than I think is healthy. 

Maybe I feel like I’m watching too much TV because we’ve watched a lot of the Olympics.  Go USA!  I must have not paid much attention in previous years, cause I got a lot of good laughs. 

Curling just cracks me up, and I can’t take it. I don’t like ice, and I don’t like sweeping.  50K cross country skiing does NOT look like fun. And there’s pit stops? Really? Who decided that skiing around with a gun on your back was a good idea? I can see Apolo Ohno and the Koreans getting in gun fight in back alley sometime in the near future. NBC should not put mics on jacked-up-on-adrenaline athletes if they want to keep the broadcast clean.  The American bobsled team kicks booty.  The American hockey team is pretty sweet, too.  The Canadian women’s hockey team is a set of classy broads. And the French still hate Americans. Eh, what are you gonna do about it?

Steven Holcomb


We must be looking for an escape as far as movies go.  We watched The Count of Monte Cristo and Persuasion together.  I watched New York, I Love You, Little Ashes, and How to Be on my own.  Eric’s now going to read The Count of Monte Cristo-go him, and I still think Robert Pattinson is a horrible actor ::wincing and waiting for backlash from overzealous teenage girls::. Seriously, it’s like the same character in every movie: look pained, stare at the ground, play with hair, and be otherwise generally awkward. I’m feeling very harsh today…It’s not that he’s not a somewhat attractive guy, a talented musician, and has the potential (maybe)  to be a good actor, it’s just, when did it become against the law to smile? It’s okay to be in love and have friends, buddy.

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