{Yes, But Why Is The Rum Gone?}

18 Feb

All work and no play…well, you know, makes for a very dull boy (or girl!).  I think this has been Eric’s life motto for the past few weeks.  Or maybe it’s just my perception.  I’m pretty sure that work and play, to him, are like peanut butter and jelly, or macaroni and cheese-they just go together. Or maybe it’s just that he knows after a hard day at work, he can down a bottle glass of wine without question.  I actually had a Johnny Depp moment the other day: “Why is the rum gone?!”  Except with wine…

No, really. He likes work so much that he asked me to make cupcakes for a meeting.  What were they celebrating?  Nothing, really.  He just wanted to kick it up a notch.  His only request…that they be “cute and professional.”  I made these:

However, having evenings be “Eric-free” has left me with a lot of free time.  I totally heart being married, but having a few extra hours to be alone is kinda nice.  A nice cup of hot tea and a good book…a nice long playlist to dance around listen to while knocking out some craft projects…catching up on chic flicks…trying new recipes…and, of course, going shopping.  Which is exactly what I’ve been up to these past few weeks (all of it…not just the shopping).

I’m pretty excited about whipping up some black bean brownies, which I took to work and got the seal of approval on.  Eric likes them.  Coworkers like them.  Students like them. Score!  Although I was called a tree-hugging-hippie.  Thankyouverymuch.  I also tried a cinnamon chicken recipe which was quite tasty. 

I’ve also started to create items for a Fall craft fair…yeah.  You can never start too soon.  And I designed a set of personal stationery for both myself and the hubby.  Mine is useful, his is mostly for decorative purposes.

I did spend one snow day shopping.  And, boy, am I glad that I did.  Under $100, and a trunk of stuff later, I had enough projects to keep me busy for…oh, 1.3 hours. ::sigh:: It sucks being so overproductive.

I scored this birdcage for, wait for it…$14.99.  What?! 

I have no problem jumping on the decorating trend bandwagon as long as it’s not commitment intensive (wallpaper, anyone?), or super-expensive.  Compared to these super-cute, but uber-expensive Pottery Barn inspirations, I think my $15 TJ Maxx find is a steal. I just added some moss, and voila!

Three-Gable Birdhouse

Birdcage, Small

I also found this perfect fern pillow for $9.99.  Fantastic-ness. 

And, it should be noted, we did have a throw pillow on our “To Buy” list, so this fit into our budget and fit perfectly into what we wanted.

I also found a little throw in the pillow section for $3.  Now, it has a tag that says Compare to $60.  I don’t know who in their right mind would pay $60 for it, but I’ll surely pay $3 for Ralph Lauren.  Plus, one of my March goals (Spoiler Alert!) is to make a pillow sham.

Making my way through housewares led me to this wonderful vase for $12.99.  For the past month we’ve had a bunch of floral stems that we picked up at Pottery Barn Outlet propped up in the corner, with price tags and tissue paper still on them.  Classy.  So a vase was also on our “To Buy” list. 

I also picked up three more items at $.50 each, that are in need of a little more TLC, which can’t happen until Spring comes and I can spraypaint outside.  They are fantastic and make me chuckle.  More to come…

Then I went to the mall.  But have no fear, I made it out for under $50.  Considering that I got 7 tops and a pair of earrings, I would say that’s pretty great.  It’s clear that I’m ready for Spring.

So how do you (all 24 of you daily readers out there!) spend your time when your significant other is away?

I'd love to hear what you think! Leave a comment below.

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