{We’ve Been Out-Scrabbled}

15 Feb

This weekend, Eric and I played in a local Scrabble tournament to raise money for the Lima Literacy Council.  Even though the rules were all screwy, and we didn’t know anyone on our team (even though we were playing on the team sponsored by my employer), we still managed to have a good time.  Yes, I said team.  As in groups of 4-6 people play together to get as many points as possible.  All of the tiles were turned up, and the announcer gave the first word and placement at the start of each round.  This had its good and bad points.  Good, because it really does help those who have a lower vocabulary, promotes team-building, and provides for a less-competitive atmosphere. Bad because, well, we are competitive, and have enough vocabulary words in our arsenal to feel confident playing by the official rules.  We actually took our copy of the official dictionary, cheat sheets, and common high scoring words to study in-between rounds (we’re competitive!), but no one wanted to study with us… 

And, because this was technically a fund-raiser, bonus points could be bought.  The winning group had $500 in donation money, so we started 500 points behind.  The first round went…not so well.  The group spent too much time being polite-“I think this would be a good word.  Do you agree?”-instead of just getting words down.  We came in a solid second place. ::sigh::

We did meet a few fun people, though.  One guy we played with mentioned he and his wife took Scrabble on their honeymoon.  He asked if Eric and I were that dedicated to Scrabble.  Oh, the laughs. 

Team Guy: My wife and I love Scrabble.  We even took it on our honeymoon.  That’s dedication, right?

Me: OMG! So did we!

Eric: Actually, I proposed to her through Scrabble.  I spelled out “love words” with “Will You Marry Me?” throughout the board. 

Me: (Interjecting) It was sooo cute!  Actually, he used scrapbooking paper that looked like a Scrabble board and paper.  He had “Yes” and “No” on the board that lifted up.  Under “No” he wrote, “Sorry, try again.  Love, Eric.” Under “Yes” he had the ring wrapped in tissue paper.

Team Guy: (horrified look) My wife is going to be so upset!  We’ve been out-Scrabbled!

I’m hoping for a Game Night sometime soon.

Eric and I can’t really play Scrabble against each other anymore.  He beat me one time-methanol on a triple word-and now he’s so competitive to do it again, that it’s not even fun anymore.  (I still contend that I only lost because it was 2am on New Year’s Eve and I was super-tired.) Scrabble is a game that as your competitor gets better, so do you.  As they put longer, higher scoring words down, you have more to work with yourself.  So the better Eric gets, the better I get.  Which peeves him off to no end…

Another high note of the tournament was that our tutors won their division. I work on a college campus, and help to organize, train, and manage the peer tutors, so I was uber-excited that they took first place for the 3rd year in a row! Whoo Whoo!

Overall, we plan to play next year, although we may be a bit more selective about choosing our team.  And doing some major fundraising!

On a quick Valentine’s Day note…this was definitely one of the better Valentine’s Days we’ve had together. 

First year-DISASTER.  Eric thought that since we couldn’t really afford to get each other big gifts, that if he just didn’t mention it and pretended it wasn’t Valentine’s Day, that I would forget.  NOT LIKELY!  That had me upset (but not angry-I totally understood), so I tried to cook us a nice meal so that we could spend some time together.  As I was walking to the couch with two plates, I tripped over the rug, sending both plates of food into the wall and down the back of the couch.  ::cue tears::

Year 2-I don’t really remember this.  I think we both agreed not to put any emphasis on it after last year’s fiasco.

Year 3-This was few months before our wedding, and we were living two hours apart from each other.  Vday fell on a Thursday, and I was sad that I would be alone.  (Obviously this living situation was getting to me.)  Eric drove to see me on Thursday afternoon, surprising me by picking me up from work, and driving me to work on Friday morning. This was the best gift EVER!  I hate driving to work in the morning.  We were going to grab a nice dinner somewhere, but obviously everything was packed.  I’m pretty sure we ended up driving around for an hour looking for somewhere  to eat, before settling on a pizza at his parent’s house watching Survivor.  Totally us-totally fun.

Year 4-Lots of heart shaped pancakes.  Lots of Snuggles.  A long afternoon nap.  A foot massage.  The Daytona 500.  Home-cooked meal.  Brownies for dessert.  In bed at a decent time.  We did exchange gifts-I got a sewing machine a week or so ago, and Eric got his coffee Klean Kanteen a few days ago because he woke me up crying complaining that he couldn’t find his travel mug. 

Overall, we had a nice weekend…and we didn’t even have to leave Lima.

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