{Flameless Candles Really Fire Me Up}

11 Feb

Flameless Pillar Candle, 4", Ivory

Oh, pun totally intended.  But flameless candles?!  Brilliant!  I’ve always been a huge fan of candles-every shape, every size, and especially every scent.  Burning pumpkin pie and apple spice candles in the Fall made the impending onset of Winter bearable.  But I say “was”.  As in, not anymore.  We don’t burn candles in our house anymore for a few reasons:

1. Candles can emit pollutants such as acetone, benzene, lead, soot and particulate matter.

2. Candles can aggravate asthma, cause allergy-like symptoms, and irritate the respiratory tract.

3. My husband set a faux plant on fire with a candle while I was sleeping. (To his credit, I placed the candle there for decorative purposes, assuming one would move it before lighting it.)

But we like the ambience of candles.  So when I started seeing flameless candles on the market, I was excited, but skeptical.  Then, I found some at Pottery Barn and it was love at first sight.  Not only were these flameless, but they were coated in real wax (for a very real feel and look), AND they are set to work on a timer.  That last part is what made me fall head over heels. 

I wanted to use my flameless candles in a lantern, with decorative accents around it, which doesn’t exactly work if I had to keep taking the candle out to turn it on and off.  So simply pop in a C battery, and turn it on for the first time at the time you wish for the candle to turn on every day.  Five hours later, the candle automatically goes off.  The next day, at the same time, it will begin to flicker again.  Brilliant!

 Bristol Lantern, Small


1. No flame.  I don’t have to worry about anything being burned down, and we can put them anywhere in the house.

2. Emits no scents, chemicals or soot.  This is not true for all flameless candles.  Some are coated in a scent.

3. Timer feature. Did I mention how great this was?  They are on when we get home for work, creating a nice environment to come home to.  They go off about the time we’re heading to bed. 

4. Real candle look and feel.  They’re not plastic-y and cheap like some other options I’ve seen.

5. Flickers like real candlelight-looks very real.

6. Comes in three sizes-6”, 4”, and votives.  I have one 6” and one 4”, but haven’t tried the votives as they’ve just recently come out.

7. Long-lasting and reusable.  They’re supposed to get 500 hours of use with each battery, so the battery will have to be replaced about every 3.5 months.  Considering a regular candle, that’s a pretty good shelf life, without the extra money, trip to the store, and garbage in the landfill.

8. Price. At around $15-$20, the price seems reasonable for everyone.  If you factor in the candle-buyers who buy Yankee or other name-brands at upwards of $30-$40 per candle, this is chump-change.


1. Only comes in one color.  While I’m a huge fan of the white, some may wish to change it up around the holidays or for different décor.

2. Takes batteries.  Yes, they have to be powered someway, but all of those extra batteries leak toxins into the environment. 

3. Timer is only for five hours.  This works great in the evenings, but for longer parties or events, they would turn off before the night was over.

4. They’re out of stock.  We placed an order for a few more at the beginning of January, and they keep sending emails pushing the delivery date back.  However, there are some, apparently, in stores.  Which really peeves me off!  If they’re sitting around in stores, send them to the people who have already paid…basic. business. principles.

I’d really like to order the votives to see how those look and feel, but I’m afraid to place another order and it get back-ordered.

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