{OMG! We’re, Like, Totally Snowed In!}

8 Feb

What a weird snowstorm we got this weekend! The consensus is that we got about 5” overnight. The high winds (gusts up to 38mph) did some strange things to the snow, though. Like this,

and this

and this

and this

but most importantly this.

Yes, we had a snow drift of about 18″ in front of our door.  And because we had some icing in there, it was STUCK to our door, so we could hardly open it.  The windows were completely blocked by snow as well.  I didn’t take it so much as a “Winter Wonderland” as much as being trapped in a small space.  Did I mention is was only 7 degrees?

We don’t have a snow shovel. One of the perks of being an apartment dweller is that after it snows, little snow fairies and elves come and magically remove all of the snow from our walks and drives without us having to lift a finger. Nice, eh?

 But we needed to leave before the magical creatures came, so I used a broom. And snow boots. And saved us. Eric filmed it. I think it’s clearly obvious who, if stuck on a deserted island, or trapped in a ditch after a car accident, or as the victims of some other disastrous event, that I would be the survivor. I would work to save him, though. I would. He’s the peanut butter to my jelly (notice I get to be the sweet one there.)

We’re expected to get another 8”-12” starting tonight, so I don’t know whether to go beat all the little old ladies up at the grocery store for the last loaf of bread, or dig out a few crafting projects. I’m really hoping for a snow day, if you can’t already tell.

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