{I’m Sick of Walking Into Doors}

4 Feb

I honestly think I squealed in delight when I saw this in February issue of Country Living. Especially since they had the caption of “sometimes this job takes the strength of a bear.” I told you, I’m easily amused. You see, we have yet another issue with our temporary abode, otherwise known as an apartment. The doors are cheap-which means they’re lightweight. But the doorknobs are heavy. So the door loves to swing about half-way through the arc, then stop. This leads to accidents, especially for the already accident-prone. Yep. I walk into walls, AND doors. Right now, I have a boot holding the bedroom door open. A big clunky boot. It was supposed to be a temporary solution while we were moving in-that was 18 months ago…

A doorstop is just not one of those things that makes its way onto the shopping list. And when you do randomly encounter a doorstop, it’s usually big and yellow and rubbery. Umm, no thanks. BUT these?! These are fabulous. I’m really liking the bear, but the owl may have to come home with me, too. After all, we have two doors that need to be secured! I’m thinking the puppy would be cute for a little boy’s room, and the bird would totally fit into this season’s decor trends. Maybe I need them all? I wouldn’t want them to be lonely (cause inanimate objects totally have feelings!). They could keep my squirrel company, and add just the right amount of nature and flair to our decor.

Interested in adding your own woodland creature to your home?  Or maybe you’re just sick of walking into half-closed (or half-opened depending upon your perspective) doors.  Check out anthropologie.

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