{Big Gulp, Eh? Welp, See Ya Later}

28 Jan

27oz Klean Kanteen

1. Name the movie.

2. Quit buying bottled water.

3. Get ready for a rockin’ product review.

I only drink two things.  Water and green tea.  I don’t drink tap water.  I’m not a fan of fluoride. Or chlorine.  Or hazardous waste.  And I especially don’t like drinking it. Check out this blog to educate yourself on the dangers of fluoride and tap water. 

Here’s my history with water:

1. As a child, I ate snow and drank from the hose and played in the sprinkler.  I probably have lead poisoning.  No really.  We lived in a very old house.

2. As a young adult on-the-go, bottled water was very convenient.  And trendy (Admit it!).  But pricey. At $1-$1.25 per bottle, I was probably spending $20/week on water!

3. I realized that buying bottled water from vending machines on-the-go was making a dent in my finances.  I resolved to plan ahead by buying bulk bottled water from Wally World.  24 bottles of Dasani for $4.50 seemed like a pretty good deal. And it is.  Until I found empty bottles under the bed, next to the trash, under the car seats, under the couch…and most of the time, they were about a quarter full.

4. This seemed asinine.  Obviously we were still wasting money by not fully drinking the water. But the amount of plastic water bottles that surrounded us was insane.  Literally. We were cleaning one afternoon and both looked at each other and said, “we’ve got to do something about this.”  And the even more shocking reality…where did all of these bottles go? Estimates are as high as 2 million bottled beverages consumed every 5 minutes in America.  Crazy.



5. I did some research.  My initial idea was to run out and buy a Brita system and the first water bottle that I saw, but I was also starting to see some very sobering studies about plastics.  Enter Klean Kanteen.

As far as I can tell, this is one of the best options on the market for the intended purpose of water-on-the-go without plastic water bottles.  Now, I didn’t say it was 100% safe or a miracle cure for our water problems.  I said it was one of the best options.  I put one for both me and the hubs on our Christmas Wish List, and we got them along with a Pur Filtration System.  Why Pur over Brita?  Well, let’s just say we have a partiality to the parent company.  Of course, filtration systems come with their own risks, but again, it’s better than the alternative and a step in the right direction.

After using the KK for a month now, I love it.  I have yet to take a sip out of a plastic bottle.  I’m lucky enough to live close enough to go home for lunch, so I fill it up at lunch to have enough water for the afternoon.  I have the 27oz, but larger bottles are available for those without the luxury of filling up half-way through the day.  It takes a bit of perseverance to remember to fill it up each night and throw it in my bag for the next day, but after a few days of this, it has become an easy routine.  I feel kind of ashamed that it took me this long to do it.  And it looks super-cool.  Even the hubby got complimented at work!


1. It’s not plastic. Plastics can contain BPA’s (bisphenol A).  BPA is a known hormone interruptor (meaning it messes with your cycle, fertility, and reproductive organs). It also contains no DEHP which is a suspected carcinogen (cancer-causer).  Most plastic water bottles are made from petroleum.  These chemicals can leach into the water from the plastic, even at room temperature.  Imagine what happens when it’s left in a hot car, or a hot warehouse.

2. It’s durable.  I’ve dropped mine a few times, and even full of water, it hasn’t dented or scratched.  I’ve read that the colored ones can chip or scratch, but I was a bit leery of the painted ones anyway, so I went with regular old steel colored.  Although the orange one is verrrry tempting.

3. It’s easy to use.  It’s lightweight, so it is easy to take along anywhere.  The sleek design also makes it easy to hold and carry.  The variety of caps that can be interchanged makes it versatile.  There are numerous different “add-ons” for those more sports-inclined, such as carry cases and thermal bags and what-not. The variety of sizes also ensure that everyone can find something they like.

4. It’s reusable. It’s dishwasher safe, but the wide mouth makes it easy to wash by hand.  Again, the sleek design is in place so that no corners, threads, or hidden folds trap bacteria or cause damage to the bottle.

5.  It’s also a thermos.  And they make a wine carafe. Sounds pretty cool for an eco-friendly picnic!  A new design allows for it to be used as mug for hot beverages as well.  The original will not be harmed by this, but it does conduct heat so it’s hard to hold when it’s that hot.  The hubby tried this with coffee and learned the hard way.  The new ones even come with a better lid that mimics the traditional sippy coffee lid.  Hmmm…Valentine’s present inspiration?


1. I hate when people deliberately spell things wrong.  It drives me batty.  Spelling something with a “k” instead of “c” does not make it instantly cooler.

2. It’s made “RESPONSIBLY” in China.  That’s seems like an oxymoron.  Yes, I would rather support the American economy by buying domestic, and yes, I’m skeptical of anything that comes from China (especially 8 year old Olympic gymnasts who try to pass as 16. Ouch.)

3. It’s a bit pricey.  Plan to spend around $20 for a good-sized KK, but considering the durability and versatility, I definitely say it’s worth it for us, especially considering the amount of water that we drink.

4. The opening is very wide, and it takes some practice to not dump water all over yourself.

5.  It is still made of metals and the colored ones still have paint.  10 years from now we will probably know that this is harmful, too… The Sports Cap option means the water is still passing through plastic. 

Overall, this little device has helped me reach my January goal of drinking no bottled water.  The hubby has bought-in, so to speak, which makes it score double points in my book.  With the Christmas gift of the Klean Kanteens came the Pur Pitcher, the Pur faucet filter, and 2 boxes of replacement filters.  What’s that mean?  We got free water for a year (especially since we don’t pay for water in our current apartment)!  Easy on the pocketbook, easy on the body, easy on the environment.

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