{I Learned How to Die At Work}

21 Jan


So I open up my browser window this morning, to peruse the news, and what’s the first headline I see?  “How to Get Fit at Work”.  Sounds good to me.  ::click::  While many of the tactics I already do (like taking a few minutes to stretch every few hours, or take the long way when walking to a meeting or the restroom), others I have been dying to try.  I would love to replace my cubechair (cubicle: blah, I hate working in a cube, even though it is a stylish one)  with a stability ball.  I already own two because when the hubby and I were still poor, struggling college students interning in a strange town, we couldn’t afford, and didn’t want to bring furniture with us.  We bought two stability balls to sit on instead of a couch or chairs.  Fabulous idea.  Although the abs and posture are now non-existent since we went back to the couch.  We have a surplus supplies budget thus far this year…I wonder if I could get them to buy me this?


Or this?

That’s right.  The treadmill desk.  I’ve heard of this thing for some time now, but I haven’t looked into it much.  Apparently this thing works.  I landed on this blog, which has some great info. about “Walking Across the Country at Work.”  What a fun idea!  It even has ideas on how to DIY our very own treadmill desk.  Office project! Anyone? No?

The benefits of using a treadmill desk or stability ball or just general exercise at work seems convincing.  Improved circulation increases alertness which increases creativity.  Likewise, not hitting that mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump because of lack of energy leaves more time to get work done.  Overall muscle building and stamina leads to long-term health improvement, and who can argue with that?!  However, being one who is capable of tripping up steps and walking into wall and generally tripping over my own two feet, this seems extremely dangerous.  Walk, talk, click, and read all at the same time? Hmmm…I really want to try this just to see if it can be done by the balanced-disabled.  But then again, I can’t even get my ginormously large jiggly rear bum bum on the treadmill at home for 10 minutes a night.

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