{You’re Inspired? Really?}

20 Jan

This weekend, during “Operation Find Pants”, I drug my husband into Abercrombie and Fitch.  Like Bella, Eric was born 35 years old and gets more middle-aged every year.  Usually when we walk by a store like that, I’m regaled with broodings of, “Why do they have to keep the music so loud?” and “Why’s it so dark?” and “Overpriced blah blah blah.”  That’s when I was completely shocked when after a few minutes in the store, he actually looked like he was enjoying himself.  Why?! Well, he was committing the décor to his mental home décor notebook apparently.  You see, our Media room (non-existent at this time, mind you), is going to be based around A&F.  Really?!  Who are you and what did you do with my husband?! 

What got his attention first (like it’s supposed to) is their signature ginormous picture frame at the entrance.  However, rather than pictures, he has plans to put our projection screen behind a frame this size.  He even went so far as to think, “when we have parties and stuff, we could project pictures instead of movies, so it’s not just a blank screen hanging up.” Ummm, okay, great, wow.  100 points for the hubby! 

No surprise that he also liked the brown leather couches and chairs scattered about.  I’m actually a big fan, too, so we currently own brown leather furniture.  I am dying to obtain this chair…c’mon Target, drop it just a few more price points! Please?…The lighting actually didn’t bother him because a man cave is supposed to be, well, cavely.

In typical female fashion, I immediately jump to storage. Don’t you just love all of the open storage?

Eric’s always been a fan of blue, but we’ve never incorporated much of it.  I’m more of a neutrals kind of gal.  Seeing how the Media room, aka “the man cave” should be inspired by more of a rugged and manly style, I’m loving the idea of doing white beadboard paneling at the bottom ¾ of the way up the wall, with the darker navy at the top.  It would keep it bright, while still being dark and manly.  We have plans for hardwood throughout, and I love the idea of staining or painting it the same dark blue. That probably won’t fly with the hubby, so a few extra coats of polyurethane to make is super-shiny would work too.

Throw in some track lighting, a few accent lamps, a set of nesting tables, and a few knickknacks, and you’ve got one stylin’ man cave, which is lady friendly, too.  Now, in true A&F fashion, we’ll douse everything in cologne and hire a few half-naked models to cater our next party and we’ll be set!


And another reason my mother-in-law is so great? A few years ago for Christmas she bought her niece a giftcard from A&F.  The only option was one with a shirtless hottie.  So, what did she do? She colored a shirt on him.  I’ll have to dig up the pic.

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