{Handy Crafts}

12 Jan

Every year, the women-folk of the family get together for a craft exchange.  You know, draw names, make something (or in the case of a few members, buy something that looks homemade and try to pass it off, or in the case of one, buy something that looks completely store-bought and make no bones about it), and gift your creation to the recipient.  The venues change each year, with this year’s event happening at my mother-in-law’s house in the form of a dessert shin-dig.  Except that the Bengals play-off game was on, so it was more of let’s eat mini red velvet cakes and scream at Chad OchoCinco. 

My “person” was my husband’s cousin, who was married a few months ago and is now expecting her first child.  I was so overwhelmed! Do I do wedding related craftery or baby related craftery or no-theme craftery?!  I decided on family craftery.  I’m really digging those Frame the Date frames and Name Art frames.  Since I love taking me some pictures, I tried my hand at making my own name art: Snyder, being their last name. (And don’t look at the ugly carpet.  We’re currently in a temporary apartment and I can’t do much about it…)


It took a couple of tries, but I eventually came up with an end result I liked.  I think the frame was too big.  It’s hard to find frames that have the correct amount of openings.  I think this size frame (30”) made it too difficult to take in the whole picture, which is necessary to be able to read it.  I also wanted to do more nature-y pictures, but a storm hit that left 7” of snow and below 0 temps. (I know I had ALL year, but come on…)  I opted instead for household items, which worked out well because it added more of a contemporary feel.  All in all, though, it was a success!  My husband’s other cousin was really rooting for me to pull her name because she wanted one so bad, and his aunt mentioned that a new edition to their family would LOVE it.  Glad both of these ladies have weddings coming up in the next few months! 

I got a wonderfully special gift.  My mumsy-in-law had my name.  She gifted me a friendship quilt that she made.  This wasn’t just any friendship quilt, nope.  She attended all three of my family bridal showers (I didn’t even want to attend all three of them!), and had each person in attendance sign a piece of fabric.  She then incorporated this fabric into the quilt. 


I have the lists of names in my wedding scrapbook, but there is something just so special about a personal signature.  Especially this little gem from my 6 year old niece:


Or this siggy from my 3rd grade teacher.  Ummm, yes.  My. 3rd. grade. teacher. 

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