11 Jan

No, not the kind that makes you rip off your shirt and scream in front of the world on National TV…although, that sounds like fun, no? Oh, ummm, no.  Definitely not.

Each new year, millions of people look forward to a fresh start.  This usually comes to fruition via New Year’s Resolutions.  You know, those nasty  things that no one  keeps.  I think that’s because people make too broad of statements, such as “be healthier”, “eat better,” or “save more money.” 

 While these are important end results, they are not measurable or attainable.  How do you know if you’ve eaten better and what constitutes eating better?  Does eating a salad at Applebee’s one time in July count as eating healthier?   Does filling a piggy bank with spare change constitute saving money? Instead, I decided to set monthly goals that are specific.  For January, here goes:

Take vitamin everyday
Take herbal supplements 3x/day
Walk 10 minutes on treadmill 3x/week
Eat dinner in at least 3x/week
Buy no bottled water
Be in bed by 11:30 every night
Read The Omnivore’s Dilemma
Clean out/consolidate notebooks
Hang new towel rack in bathroom
Make 2nd curtain for tables in craft room
Cancel 2nd cell phone line
Streamline bill-pay process

So how did I do after the first week?

Take vitamin everyday                                        A+
Take herbal supplements 3x/day                       A
Walk 10 minutes on treadmill 3x/week             F
(I bought a cute Yoga mat for inspiration…obviously that helped.)
Eat dinner in at least 3x/week                            A+
(Actually, we ate in everyday!  That is a HUGE new record for us.  Go us!)
Buy no bottled water                                            A+
Be in bed by 11:30 every night                            B
(With New Year’s and the weekend, it was tough.)
Read The Omnivore’s Dilemma                           B
(Through the first few chapters…)
Clean out/consolidate notebooks                         C
Hang new towel rack in bathroom                       D
(I marked the height…with eyeliner…don’t judge)
Make 2nd curtain for tables in craft room          F
Cancel 2nd cell phone line                                      F
Streamline bill-pay process                                  B+
(A few more to set up on auto-pay…)

I’m an overachiever so seeing the anything less than an “A+” makes me cry.  Honestly.  I’m completely motivated to complete these things now.  Must get A’s…

I'd love to hear what you think! Leave a comment below.

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